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[Parts List] Installing Reclining Braum Seats + other seat things

Mayor West

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For those of you who wanted Reclining options for seating other than stock cobalt or Corbeau, I bought reclining Braum seats and Impact Racing SFI 16.5 5 point harnesses.

I have Lowes nearest me, so these are linked there...For mounting, it was very straight forward.
  • 4x 3 foot 1.25" Square Post @ 21.98 each
    • These will need to be cut to size and painted
    • You could substitute these for normal square tube similar to the goblin frame but I didn't price that out.
  • 5x 4 count M8 1.25 Nyloc Nuts (4 per bag, so 20 nuts total) @ $.68 each
  • 2x 10 count 8MM washers @ $1.38 each
  • 20x 3/8 Steel Spacers @ $1.15 each
    • You need about 1" but they only had 1.25" so I had to cut all mine to size.
    • These go inside the tubes to help bolster the square sign post.
  • 8x M8 1.25 Bolts @ 3.16 each
    • At least 70-75mm, can be cut to length if longer
    • Sized to fit through the sign post through the frame
  • 12x M8 1.25 Bolts @ 3.12 each
    • Around 60 mm, can be cut to length if longer
    • Sized to fit through the seat to the sign post
Total cost was about $179.80 + tax to mount both securely. You can cut down on this if you only use 4 bolts per seat and no spacers by about 17 bucks.

If you do this before you have your frame painted, you could weld the sign post to your frame and be set, but I did not.

I did use a welder to tack the bolts and steel spacers to the sign post, to make removing from the frame easier. The seat then bolts on to that. Finding the right spot is sorta tricky so find and drill your holes in the frame before welding them in. I used blue painters tape to help align them and screw them in. ez-pz.

The idea is you put the steel spacers (each cut to size if necessary) in between the sign post, to help sturdy it up. Each seat gets 6 bolts to attach to the sign post, and each sign post gets 2 bolts each. The sign post just barely has a perfect lineup to the DF frame.I have an extended frame so I can't say for sure how it lines up with a standard frame.

I bought my seats directly off Braum's website, they ended up being cheapest considering no shipping or tax + a discount code.
  • Braum Seats - $764.99
    • I got the Denim Elite X seats
    • $849.99
    • -$85 discount
    • $0 Shipping & tax
  • 2x SFI 16.5 Impact Racing 5pt Harness $365.90
    • $339.90
    • $26 Shipping
  • Seat Attachment Brackets (above) $192.36
    • $179.80
    • $12.56 Tax
  • Total $1,323.25 installed reclining seats with 5 point racing harnesses.
You could go a lil cheaper by choosing different Braum seats and/or harnesses, but I found when pricing out harnesses that mine were relatively cheap.

DF's pricing is $1,025-$1,145 and include the seats, harnesses, and brackets.

While definitely a little cheaper than my route and easier to install given the brackets are made for the goblin,,, but if you're looking for reclining seats and a different choice of seat look - I am very happy with my Braum seats and Impact Racing harnesses. 16.5 SFI harnesses are a bit more stout than 16.1 harnesses.



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I went a little different route and took a gamble that actually worked.

www.carid.com sells NRG seats. I had no real opinion of them, but I liked them because they recline and come with sliders, for a decent price. Since I had already typed in the cobalt when I was looking at them, it suggested I use the cobalt mounts. What??? The goblin is built to use cobalt seats, so I figured if I ordered seats and mounts for a cobalt, everything should drop right in and I was right. Woohoo

They dropped right in, slide, recline and don’t touch each other or the park brake The only thing I had to do, was shim the front up to take up slack in the mount area. Some small spacers knocked that out though.

I also used the NRG 5pt harnesses with a turnbuckle lock. I like them, but didn't realize there were no provisions for the 5th belt through the bottom of the seat. Not really a biggie, I wasn’t planning to use it anyway.

The seats are comfy and much less bulky than the stock seats, plus they weigh a lot less than the stock seats.

parts list:
NRG innovations RSC-208L/R seats
Planted technology cobalt seat brackets SB225DR and PA
NRG 5pt harness SBH-B6PCBK

total cost of everything was about $1000 shipped


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Mayor West

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That's funny, the post I was reading on the forums that convinced me to get Braum seats got the same seat mounts (Braum sells them too) and said it didn't work, so I ended up making my own.

Glad to hear they work! I sorta wish I had gotten them now. Maybe they work on NRG seats but not Braums?


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Not sure if they would work, but most of those seats basically the same bolt pattern and there were several holes in the mounts, so I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Hell, even drill some holes In the mount wouldn’t be too difficult to make them work.