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Well, I've posted on FB so I figured I might as well post here, too. I think a thread like this would be good for this community as people can end up with additional parts when using more than 1 donor.

I am curently looking for the following 2008-2010 (LNF):
Found everything I was l looking for, for now.
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Chris Eggert

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I am waiting on a guys contact information here in Tennessee that has been buying up wrecked, non running and High mileage Cobalts and Pontiac G5's for about 6 or 7 years from what I was told. Said hes taking 2 or 3 cars sometimes to build one good one to sell to make a profit on. Im supposed to have his contact info tomorrow. I Was thinking of getting with him to see what all he has stockpiled for parts and what the price range is on them.

EDIT: Spoke with him and asked what kind of stock he had built up. He has complete wiring harnesses, partial harnesses, subframes, front/rear suspension components, dash gauge panels, steering columns and a bunch of other items. He said he hasn't been really selling any of it so he didnt have a complete list of what all he has on hand or a set price list for the items he has. He said he has been rebuilding and flipping the cars when he can and that he currently has 11 That he hasnt even started on yet.

If you need a part it wont hurt to call and get a price on it from him then check the junk/salvage yards see it you can save some money...

His Name is Kenny Unger 1-865-607-7514

He said he had heard something about a kit being built with the Cobalt but he hadnt seen it. So I sent him the link to the page so He may soon be on the wagon to build one like the rest of us.
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