Quick check, wheel size?

Looking at xxr 530s in 16" with 8.25" wide rims.

My Kit I have coming has the stock shocks in the back, wondering if this will fit with a +40 offset? I really dig the concave look of the higher positive offset just wanna make sure it'll fit, I seen a few +25 to +35s in the wheel and tire thread, I'm assuming a +40 will work aswell since it actually pushes the rim outward slightly more?

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Offset is the measure of the hub mounting face - on the inside of the wheel - as a plus value to indicate how far this face is outbound of the wheel centerline. Wheel backspacing is the measurement for the total depth of the hub face from the inside edge of the rim. Example of an 8 inch rim with +25mm offset will have 5 inches of backspacing. This same rim with +40mm offset will have 5 5/8 inch backspacing. This translates into less 'dish' in the wheel face compared to a +25mm offset. The +40mm offset also puts the inside edge of the rim closer to the suspension.
Oh ok, sorry I had it totally backwards then, whoops. Then I'll go for the +0 variant? That would give me the concave look correct? There is no lip on the 530s so the whole rim is just concave and I love that look, I had both bookmarked now I remember why lol