Recall Alert: Harbor Freight Jack Stands


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Hazard Fraught Tools is recalling their 3 ton and 6 ton Jack stands, item numbers 56371, 61196, and 61197. Per the filings, the support pawl can be disengaged under shifting load resulting in collapse. I've got a few of these in my garage, and I'm sure that some of you do too because these things are ubiquitous. Check yours out and stay safe.




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After my 1000 lb rated 4-wheel dolly split in half supporting the front end of basically just the frame, I will NEVER trust any of their tools for anything important.

With all their issues, I don't understand why people still flock to them. Cheap, fast, and convenient I guess.

And I love how the safety recall just lists serious injury as a possible result of using.


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I have known two people who have died from a car falling off of stands. Please be safe and be smart. I use blocks of railroad tie and 6X6s. I don't allow jackstands in my shop.