Rim width vs tire size.


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I’m looking at rims. I’m looking to run 275 in the rear and 245 up front. When looking it seems like I have to run at least a 9.5” rim for the 275. Is this correct? Most of the rims I’m looking at are 8”. I’m still running the 5X110 bolt pattern.
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That sounds correct. I added a spacer to run the wider tires, and changed the pattern to 5x114.3 which gave me better wheel selection.


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You can run a 275 tire on an 8" rim without any problems at all. The Mustang guys have done this for decades. I've done it. It handles fine, it looks fine, it wears fine, it won't explode, you won't die.


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How well it works depends on sidewall height. Larger profile sidewalls will accept a narrower wheel easier. It's best to see what the tire manufacturer recommends for your size and make/model if you want to get it right, but 8" should be safe enough to do. You'll probably just notice early tire wear in the center of the tread from the tire bowing out slightly (not dramatically or visibly bowing out in the tread, but the weight would be focused in the center of the tread).

I just looked some tires up, and the manufacturers all recommend 9 to 11 inch wheel widths for 275 width tires, so take from that info what you like.