Salvage Donor Questions


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So I'm hunting for a donor and I have no experience with vehicles that have a salvage title and/or rebuilt title. Anyone care to assist in understanding how this works? If I buy a salvage Cobalt, does that mean my Goblin will be a rebuilt title? Would a salvaged title Donor affect insurability of the finished Goblin? Excuse my ignorance in the topic. I'm in FL, and I might have found my donor finally, but the salvage title has me worried I might do something wrong. I appreciate any help, as I really want to get my donor so I can get my kit on order.


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The donor car is supplying components for your goblin the same way you would by tires or seats. Most DMVs will need a copy of the title or a bill of sale as a receipt for tax purposes and also to make sure the engine and transmission are not stolen.

The Goblin will be registered as it's own vehicle and will not reflect the condition of the donor vehicle.

We mainly purchase salvage vehicles, and the salvage title is for proof of purchase.