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Good Evening,
I never really intended on putting an adjustable seat track in either of the Goblins. (We initially built and placed the seats for the builders/drivers comfort). But that has all changed seeing that my wife seems to likes to drive it. (Autocross it)....
PIECE OF CAKE... “WRONG !!!!!” this has kind of been a bite in the [email protected]

So first try...
I’ll just go and buy a Corbeau seat track and mount for the actual Cobalt. Pricey but it will be done.

First you also have to add 1” front blocks to it. Okay not a big deal... mount your seat on it and drop it into the car and low and behold it fits like [email protected] Instead of the seat laying back it actually pitches the seat forward leaving about 4” between the back on the seat and the back tube that the seat originally mounted to. While the seat is mounted correctly and does have forward movement there is no way that I can drive this comfortably and I’m only 5-10...

So the second try...
Just throw an OEM seat and seat track in the car... Now I know there are a bunch of Goblins with just that set up. But after having the Corbeau seats (with the fixed mounts that sit very low - will discuss that shortly - the OEM seat make me feel like I’m sitting ON the car instead of IN it. OEM’s are nearly 5” higher... Guy’s with the OEM’s in their cars if you don’t have a problem getting down into the car and have the opportunity to try the Corbeau’s (NRG’s or similar seats) you will see what I mean...

So the third try...
It’s only my wife... give her a pillow and tape some blocks on the pedals...
YEAH that didn’t go over well either!!!!!

So the four try....
OEM drivers seat track (drilled out the 6 pivots to disconnect it from the factory seat) as per CTUINSTA build log kind of a pain.

So here is the bare OEM seat track in the Goblin. Good and the Bad... first the OEM seat tracks are a lot better then other aftermarket tracks that I have purchased. They sit much wider then the Corbeau (Cobalt) tracks above this is also a Bad because you can only get about 4” of movement seeing that the outer track interferes with the cars frame in the forward direction. (while you can see they are not aligned straight you can also see at the top right of the picture the interference problem). You will also need to grind about a 1/4” off the bolted sides pad for them to fit into the frame.
At this point, you could fabricate a plate or series of plates between the two slides and mount the seat on top of that (CTUINSTRA and his son did a really nice one - you can see it in their build log). While I liked it. I had two problems with it first the NRG seats that Nathan has doesn’t have bottom bolt attachments and second it still pushes the seats up substantially.

This is a picture of the Corbeau seat in BLUE if you look closely at the bottom of the seat you can make out the aft bottom bolt attachment the rubber on the cars floor is 1/4” thick and the head of that bolt is touching it. So you can see how much you would have to raise that if it was sitting on top of the seat tracks (2 1/2” at a minimum)...

Above just dimensions of the OEM seat tracks in place.
Above just dimensions on the NRG seats from Nathan’s Goblin. His seats are slightly narrower then the Corbeau seats in my car (15 1/4” on the NRG’s and 16” on the Corbeau’s....)

So this is the basic seat position that I’m looking for both of the seats that we are using are narrow enough for the aft portion of the seat to extend between and below the seat tracks. Going to use the side mount seat attachments (seeing that the NRG’s don’t have bottom attachment points).


Paper board mark up just a combination of the DFKITCAR’s solid mounts and a set of universal mounts that will bolt up to the OEM seat track. SIDE NOTE; you will see that the holes and the slot is reversed for the seat attachment from experience if you have the emergency brake handle removing that bolt and reattaching is a pain (with the slot you just have to loosen).

Seat on the OEM seat track and the paper version of the new attachment (the orientation of the seat is the same as the seat placement with the DFKITCAR’s solid mount)... seat will slide 4” forward and have an additional 2” of forward movement by the holes and slot on the bracket itself...

While Nathan’s NRG seats don’t have the bosses for the bottom attachment points you can see that his seat still sits pretty low in the car. The Corbeau seats sit about another 1/2” lower (just due to the bosses).

So still in the paper phase... If any one else has tried this and has had success or failed miserably.... Sorry, but would like to share any insights they would be appreciate input.



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I think you've pretty much exhausted all good ideas. I agree the universal sliders are not the greatest but I haven't had any issues with mine yet. Chads seat bracket is probably your best starting point.

Your measurements seem to be right on as far as height going to be gained if you use the OEM sliders.

I spent a lot of time designing my seat brackets, the latest revision is pretty universals for bottom mounted seats.

Took some pictures of my Sparco R100 seats on my sliders, the rear is as low as it can get but the front could loose an inch or more. I like this angle of the seat though.



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Good Morning,
Just for illustration...
The top of lower seat cushion is at 3 1/2” off the floor. (Pretty much in line with the side attachment bolt.)