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You guys got me wondering if I installed mine correctly. Here is a pic of my right wheel then Adam's left wheel.
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When Dale & I checked bump steer, I needed to go a little lower than I currently am... but if I flipped the upright, I'm pretty sure it would be too low.
My kit got delivered this weekend so I was able to get a few parts modeled up.
Ross, with your configuration you have about 12.5° of KPI. On a stock SS rim and tire (225/40R18) that gives you basically zero scrub radius.
With Adam's configuration ("standard"?), you get 6.6° of KPI and .75in scrub radius. Have you tried both configurations? If so how do they compare, and which one are you currently running?


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Yes, I have tried both configurations.
The standard configuration (Adam's picture) works well with standard sized tires.

When I went with wide tires, I kept the inside of the tires at the same spot, and added the width to the outside.
This caused me to have a large scrub radius, which isn't optimal, and may have been some of the reason I had a braking issue on my goblin.

One attempt at fixing my issue was to bring the scrub radius back near zero. So Lonny increasing the king pin inclination, (KPI) and got rid of my wheel spacer. He did have custom made upper control arms, that are shorter than stock by 1". I have been running this way since we changed it back in April 2021. Since Lonny fixed my braking issue, the car has been running much better on the track. On the street I never needed to brake that hard, but now I can if I want to. We also changed the rear BC racing struts, front hubs, and modified frame. Since we changed so many things at once, I don't really have feedback on the KPI change, but all the changes we did definitely improved my goblin.
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