Suspension problem update broken knuckle possible control arm ?


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Now that I got the car started I want to tackle the suspension damage. Took the wheel off and I am thinking bent strut ???

The wheel does not look bent but you can see where the tire was rubbing on the strut and about to puncture




Also not sure if there is damage to steering rack, rods etc

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Looking at the second photo, the bottom bolt on top of the upright at the strut has moved from its original position and is showing bare (and unrusted steel on the strut). This is either a broken bolt or broken upright at that bolt hole. It allowed the tire to tilt inward so the tire is up against the strut. Only disassembly will determine what happened, but this is serious and needs to be fixed before driving the car again.

EDIT: Or it could be a bent control arm as well.


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That's what I pointed out earlier. There's definitely something bent and loose to have the tire in contact with the strut. :(
Yep. I posted before reading your post. Consider it support.

I'm surprised the factory hardware allowed that much movement. According to the service manual, those holes have to be drilled out in order to allow that adjustment.


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Maybe compare to the other side although it will be a mirror image so a little more difficult.

The ball joint should feel at least a little stiff.


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Car drives actually really well. Some noise coming from the front right where there should be a headlight. And pulls a little to the right. Other than that no overheating, and car revs to redline very well.