Texas anti-wang club meet


Goblin Guru
Oh dang. You gonna get us in hot water from post #1........ :)

The committee may propose the next meeting to be called The Houston Goblin Owners get together. That sounds politically correct. Bwahahaha

Come on Scott (SACTX), Toxic Bill, and Russ. Am I leaving anyone else out?

Goblin on, friends!!!!!


Goblin Guru
I was going to call it a Houston meet, but you are in cypress and I’m in Waller, plus one other is in spring, so that wasn’t going to work. :D Maybe SE Texas anti-wang meet? :p


I will join the next one, but I will be in the wang gang. Mine should be built early August except waiting on seats due mid to end August.


Goblin Guru
Second official meetup here in Houston today. Technically out in Waller at the cool kid's house again....

Russel and I gave two prospective builders a ride around the countryside. One of Russel's friends filled in as "chase car" for some video. Two Goblins and a Shelby 427 Cobra (kit car) cruising around the Texas countryside. That probably does not happen everyday....

Worse part of the day was our little parade got stuck behind a local farmer moving some hay. Or, maybe the love bugs were the worst part....

Good host, good food, and even a flyby of the local P51 Mustang pilot. Good day.

Oh, and by the way, after Russel mounts his rear wing, we will have to rename this little Houston Club...... Just sayin! :0