Throttle body damage


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I'm starting to look over my donor and I noticed that there is a little damage to the side of the throttle body. I haven't pulled the assembly off yet and my repair manual hasn't been delivered so I was hoping someone could tell me if it's simply a cover that can be replaced or if it's a more involved component.

Here are a couple pictures:




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If it helps, there is a link on my build thread on page two that has the full manual access. It looks just like a cover, but I’ll do a bit more research.


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That cover does come off, but it’s not technically a serviceable part. It will also take some finagling to get it off. As long as the gears underneath are not damaged, the TB will still work. If you can get it off, you can probably straighten it out from the inside and spread some jb weld on it to patch the hole.


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Thanks for the info. It seemed to run ok before I started the tear down so I’ll probably just let it ride for now.