Trouble adjusting shifter


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I smell a aftermarket shifter purchase in your near future. Yes, mine is the OTTP shifter.
I think most will agree the shifter is one place that leaves plenty of room for improvement. GM's choice of plastic has proven to be a poor one for the shifter parts. :(


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Bill, you already have the lock-out delete shifter... so that isn't preventing reverse gear. Have you manually shifted into reverse with the tranny levers? Here is my video with the F35 shifting.


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I have that exact shifter. It's a very nice and high quality piece. It's not hard to install at all. You won't need anything other than the hex key and the two flat wrenches.


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Ok, new information! With the outer lever ( side to side) disconnected in the rear, we got reverse. I readjusted the cable at the rear. Now it has reverse! BUT NO 1ST OR 2ND! Maybe it needs adjustment at the front of the cable. Progress I guess.


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Here is how I have mine if you want to try
Once you get 1 through 5 then shorten the left pushrod a 1/2 turn at a time until you have reverse
Adjust both cables all the way out like in the picture on transmission and shifter the same

Couldn’t get picture of cables At shifter (covered up ) by shifter
At first I could either get 1 and 3 not 2 and 4. Then changed adjustments in rear and that reversed .
Removed shifter and changed the adj. Underneath and that solved that problem. Directions given say rockers should be straight up an down in neutral. The other cable (left), was straight up so I left that alone. So not enough travel in this cable. This morning I am going to remove the shifter again and tighten the adjustment on that left cable. Hopefully that will allow me to have all gears.
Note I am missing
parts for the reverse lockout. I thought at first this was why I couldn't get reverse. Now I realize that without these parts I just do not have lock out. It can still shift into all gears. I will just have to be careful not to shift into reverse when shifting. After all, older cars didn't have reverse lockout. We survived! This car is all about bare bones necessity. Mine will start without pushing in the clutch. I wanted it that way! No air bags, no ABS, no radio. Just RAW FUN!

Dale E

It won't be RAW FUN when you try to start it in gear.
Except in an emergency situation to get home or to a shoppe. When your clutch slave cylinder fails, you start the car in gear at stop lights and other stops to get to at least a safe place. Once going you can shift gears just fine. Pop it into neutral to stop. In gear restart to go again. Been there and done that a few times in different cars. Just silly info from an older guy!