Tunnel arrangement


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I'm trying to determine if it matters how I arrange things in the tunnel. The videos seem to indicate putting the brake lines, brake vacuum tube, and wiring harness on the passenger side of the tunnel.

That leaves intercooler lines and shift cables on the driver's side. Seems like this will workout with intercooler tubes on bottom and shifter cables on top of these.

Is this how you did it? I'm probably overthinking it.


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I put my shifter cables in the tunnel, so they didn't interfere with the parking brake. The shifter cables normally go on top of the tunnel cover.
I mounted the intercooler behind the roll bar, as I wanted it to get more air than behind the front radiator. This also made the water lines to the intercooler much shorter, and are out of my tunnel.
Electrical lines are in my tunnel, as is one of the Cobalt 12 volt power plugs.
The brake booster vacuum line and the heavy starter wire are in there too.
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