Turning off the warning lights on the cluster


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Warning lights on, makes my CDO go nuts, so I want to eliminate them. i was going to take it to my speedometer guy to remove the bulbs, but figured I’d give it a go first. My solution is pretty simple and cheap........free. All you need is a small screwdriver and electrical tape.

with the cluster out:
-Pull top cover by pushing the little tabs with a small screwdriver.
-Pull inner cover the same way.
-Mark where the needles are, so you can put them back in the same place on install.
-Pry gently on the bottom of needles, with a small screwdriver to remove them.
-Pull decorative cover
-See which ones you want to eliminate, by looking through the cover and put electrical tape over the lights :D
-this is a good time to clean everything
- put the decorative cover on
-Align needles with your marks and push down. Start a little north of where you want them and rotate counter-clockwise, then push down.
-Snap both other covers on
- BAM lights eliminated :cool:



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You marked with the sharpie and it came off no problems? I didn't see the actual marks in the pic with the decorative cover off


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When I did this to mine last year, it took a few attempts to get the speedo arm in the right spot, the cover is easily taken off and adjusted while installed in the car though.

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You don't need to take the speedo/tach needles off, the backing peals off just enough so you can get your fingers in to put the tape in the right spots.

I had no trouble doing this on mine, although I have not test my dash out yet - the end result looks the same as the pictures above.