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Alrighty, I have reached the registration part of the build!

Below is a list of the documents that must be submitted for registration in Virginia.
  1. Completed VSA 22 Form: A pretty straightforward form. Fill out the digital copy and print to make things easier
  2. Completed VSA 17A Form: As info, The Factory 5 kit car guys registering in VA didn't input vehicle weight data and everything went smooth, so I left these few block empty and didn't weighed the car. I got liability insurance from American Modern for ~$235 annually to avoid the uninsured vehicle fee.
  3. Proof of Address: A copy of your drivers license and a recent utility bill.
  4. Kit Car Proof of Ownership: DF supplied MCO
  5. Donor Car Proof of Ownership: Title and/or Bill of Sale
  6. Notarized Statement of Construction: This is a detailed Excel file which should nearly detail each nut and bolt you installed day by day. I wrote it at the component level. Meaning I stated something like "Component X installed using hardware bag Y" for everything that had DF supplied hardware. On things I sourced, I just noted the component as installed. I also tried to throw in torque values everywhere I could to add some detail. I read a few Factory 5 forum posts and those who wrote about 2-3 pages of notes were consistently approved. Get this notarized before mailing.
  7. Vehicle Pictures: Pictures from the front and sides of the car are required. I printed each in color on separate sheets of paper.
  8. Sales Tax Excel: This is totally optional but I felt it would earn some brownie points with the person sifting though all of this info. I simply made an Excel sheet outlining where I was getting my tax and fee numbers from. It should be 4.15% of the DF kit car invoice cost, 4.15% of the donor car cost, a $125 inspection fee, and the $15 title fee. You can skip the $5 VIN fee because the DF installed plate will suffice. As a side note, per the notes at the link below, you only need to pay tax on the kit and the donor. All of the miscellaneous items you add on your own is free and clear.
  9. Tax and Fee Check: Cut a check for amount of tax and fees you figured up.
Pack it all up and send to:

Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles
ATTN: Vehicle Branding Work Center
P.O. Box 27412
Richmond, VA 23269

All of this info came from the official Virginia DMV replica car website.
Link -->

Once the packet is sent, sit back and wait. It will be reviewed when received. If everything is in order, a state police officer will call to arrange a VIN inspection. This is literally just to verify that the VIN number on the MCO and other forms matches what is physically on the chassis. Once that is complete, he signs it off in the computer. Some said the officer gave them the title right then. Others had to wait up to 48 hours for the system to update and have it printed at the DMV.

With the title in hand, you can go to the DMV for get a registration and plates. The only thing left to do is go get an annual vehicle inspection. I have a close friend who is a certified inspection tech and he doesn't feel there will be any issues but I will report back once I get to that point.

I wrapped up the last few things today and emailed them to my brother. He is going to get it shipped since I am out of the country currently. I return the second we of March, so I am hoping the timing aligns and can get this thing on the road soon after.
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