What is going on here?

I am new to the forum and am currently in search of a donor. I came across this cobalt on facebook marketplace and can't tell what is going on. It looks like it's both TC and SC? Is that's what's going on here or am I missing something?



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Some of the early power upgrades were twin charged. I think even ZZP offered them.
For some reason, they stopped doing it.


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Nothing to be gained one is a restricter to the other
Twin charging might not be worth while, but you could gain the instant hit of the supercharger, then once the turbo spools up, open the supercharger bypass, and get back the 50 hp you were using on the supercharger.

G Atsma

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Detroit Diesel did that very thing in the 70's-80's when they realized the scavenge blower was restricting turbo boost. More efficiency ensued....