What they went for: History of donor prices


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2009 ss/tc with 83,284 miles crashed front left. Bought at IAAI Wichita for $2,488.00 and a $40 storage fee for being a day late to pickup due to a trailer issue. Spent about $60 in diesel to go get it from Omaha. Car was bought non running but unplugged maf and map sensors and drove it on and off the trailer. Sold seats, rear bumper, wheels and converter for a total of $1150 so total cost so far is $1,438 with brembos trunk lid side skirts and zzp lowering springs left to sell along with factory radio etc(if I can sell it).


2006 SS/SC G85 with 128K. Purchased last January at a local lien sale for $2500. Runs well, very clean, list of upgrades. Driving it like a teenager (which I surely am not) while waiting receipt of the kit.


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I probably have the most expensive Donor, but I needed a new Daily Driver for my last winter in Ohio, so I bought a 2006 SS/SC with a Manual transmission and 28K miles. Body damage limited to some scratches and peeling paint. Engine was meticulously cared for, records indicate the longest it went without an oil change was ~4,200 miles.

All in, car, fees, travel and transportation expenses to pick up the car, I am just shy of $6K. BUT. I wanted an issue free running vehicle as my donor. I wanted to be able to drive it regularly for a year or so to learn the platform and understand it better. Not being a mechanic, it was very important to me to start with the best donor I could. I went about $1,500 more than I had budgeted, but I also got a car with 70,000 miles less than I thought I would.


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2006 SS; around 96,000 miles. Supercharger, seats, and all suspension already gone. $300. G85 transmission. Upon further inspection, block had 2&1 rod bearings spun. Made back $350 selling engine, exhaust & scrapping frame.


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2008 SS/TC, G85 with 4,018 original miles. Rolled in 2008 and stored in a race shop for 12 years. Paid $5,200 delivered to my door. Made a few part out posts yesterday and it looks like I should be able to make back more than 1/2 the purchase price. Starting to strip tomorrow.


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Hi there! First post here, and hopefully it's okay to update this thread with a new price.

Just brought a donor home yesterday (4/24/21): 2007 SS/SC with 187k miles (edited - I said 140k before accidentally). Salvage title due to a bodywork crunch on the front fender/hood area, but it has new panels and runs and drives very well. Not the prettiest car because of neglectful lack of washing/detailing during its life, but it's pretty much complete. It was up in my hometown Charlotte, and I live in Greenville SC, so an easy trip. Paid $1200 on FB marketplace, rented a trailer and towed it home.

Once I make the first progress on tearing it down, I'll go start a build log. Haven't put in for a Goblin order yet, but I am still making a timeline plan and hope to get that going ASAP. Glad to be here!
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