Wheel/Tire Pictures and Specs


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I thought it would be good to have one place to post pictures of your setups. I will add mine when I get them mounted. Please post a away! It would be good to get a database with what works well and with or without fenders.

Format Example

Wheels: Wheel Brand and Model
Size: 17x9 ET 40

Tires: Tire Brand and Model
Size: 245/40/17


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There actually was a really good post where many people put all the information about their build (tires, wheels, seats, etc) all in one spot. I stared at it for hours when picking out our wheels and tires. Now I can't find it because I didn't try very hard.


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I said before that should be pinned at the top of the page and add the fender info.

I know Bretter and I are pretty much battling the same thing. The front fenders need trimmed when using 205 fronts the front fenders will need trimmed or raised for clearance. As for the rears I have 235's the fender fits great. But not enough space to clear the stock strut. Wheel spacer of 3/4" will fix that problem (however wheel spacer over 1/4" are not legal for PA state inspection) So I am looking at going to coilovers.