Yetti’s extended track goblin- 09 ss tc

Well I have been on this forum for a couple months checking out all the awesome builds you guys are doing.

I have been on the search for a donor for about a month. I bid on a couple cars at auction but ended up loosing the bids. Well I finally found a donor in my price range off of Craig’s list. It’s a 09 ss/tc. A younger kid owned it and had replaced the head and camshafts and the high pressure fuel pump. The car is still running really rough when cold and smooths out at about 100 deg coolant temp. But when driving it it will say in the dash low fuel pressure and reduced power. I got the car home and will dig into the problem tomorrow. The kid said it just needs a tune so we will see. He said he had a tune from zzp for e85 but I was going to check the codes tomorrow and see what we have. I was thinking about getting hp tuners and setting it back to a stock tune and see what happens. I want to get the car running correctly before I start tearing it down.

I was going to put my kit order in next week to get that going as well



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I agree with you and the first thing I would do is buy HP Tuners and put a stock tune back on it! You will need to know if he did anything else such as larger injectors, that will affect even the stock tune. Don't worry about if it has a cold air intake, you won't use that on the build anyways.

Personally I don't like what ZZP does for a (tune). I've compared the files and all they only did two simple things, remove the torque management and change the injector fueling for larger injectors. There is no "tune", I would call them more adjustments.

Also if it has a tune for e85, it's not even close for pump gas if you are running it. I may get corrected here, but e85 requires a heck of a lot more fuel at stoic.

Where you located?
Well I figured out why the fuel pressure was low. The kid that I bought it from said he replaced the cylinder head, cams, and high pressure fuel pump.

I was getting a low fuel pressure message in the dash. I had 2 codes p0087 and p0089 for low fuel pressure. All the research I did either pointed to the HPFP or the wiring from the ecm to HPFP. I removed all the split loom By the HPFP to inspect it and found nothing wrong. So I thought maybe it was a faulty HPFP. I was getting 70 psi by checking with a gauge on the low pressure side so that was good. I got an hp tuners and the desired fuel pressure at idle was 300 and I was only getting 70 psi. At this point I thought either he didn’t put a new HPFP in or it was faulty. I decided to take the HPFP off and inspect it. It has a zzp sticker on it but after removal I was looking for the cam follower that is supposed to be in the head and it was not in there. The kid must of forgot to transfer it over to the new head. So today I picked up a new follower from the stealership for 26 bucks and popped it in and now I am getting the proper fuel pressure on the high pressure rail.

I’m excited it was a relatively easy fix. I sure have learned a lot about the way this engine works in the last week. Now to start tearing it apart since I have it running right.

The lack of this little guy was causing all the issues.

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I had to replace my hpfp gasket as it was leaking. Looks to be a common problem with these engines. Did you put your engine to a specific Top Dead Center before removing the pump? I read mixed reviews as to if this was necessary or not. I did not on mine. Anxious to start it to see if I fixed the leak.
I did not. The gm procedure wants you to turn it until it gets to a low spot on the cam but I didn’t even do that it’s more for the ease of installation in my opinion. I just walked it on evenly with the bolts and had no issues.