Theeulogy's extended City frame - 06 SS/SC in WV


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Bought it new 2 years ago. I was looking at a Camaro, but having a young daughter this was a much better fit. I had a G8 GXP before this, so I was very familiar with the platform.


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Well didn't get a whole lot done this weekend, but I was able to get rid of the shell. I got $114 out of it and with all the scrap parts inside it it weighed 1200 lbs.

I was also able to get started on the wiring, got the tape off the dash harness and started thinning it down.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more done. I am really excited to start putting it together, really ready to be done with all the prep work.


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Remove the ABS plug and all of it's wires except for the tan/tan black twisted data wires that run between the ECM and the ABS plug. It is about 2 feet long.

These will eventually get extended and hooked to a set of data wires that are on your dash harness.

Cut the data wires at the ABS plug only and leave the other end attached to the ECM. There is another set of data wires coming out of the ABS plug that go to a very large plug that hooks to your dash harness. This set of data wires get removed. This set of data wires is about 10 feet long.
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I spent the day today prepping parts for paint, and painting. I cut down the springs and spent the last 5 hours of the day on the body harness.

The videos are very helpful, I put cling wrap over the keyboard of my laptop and had the video going during the process. It is worth noting that the video is a non ABS car, and there are some differences. Also my car is a very early model 2006, and some of the wiring was a bit different, as I do not have Onstar equipped vehicle.

I am hoping tomorrow to finish up the wiring and be ready to start assembly Wednesday.