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    Adjustable Rear Suspension

    Wow ! They look very solid and well thought out. I like that you can drop the weight of the previous toe bar. Have you test fitted 15's? The backspacing and rear bar look like it may be limited on wheels size's/Curious about compatibility with my current 15x10.5 et 25 wheels Are the...
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    Comment on Safety.

    It almost should be mandatory that you get a few autocrosses under your belt in it. Its a lot of car to handle at any level. Maybe we should come out with a checklist for newly completed kits, things to do before you go out on the road maybe a separate one for autocross /track. IE: 1) seatbelts...
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    Need help asap

    Can you post a video trying to start ?
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    Wheel bearing spacer

    On the front of the Cobalt it is controlled in roll by caster which only works while turning. Caster works really well by increasing camber on the outside and decreasing on the inside. Since our wheels are fixed going straight in the rear caster is not helpful. For the Goblin we can add neg...
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    Help me with my project?

    You should look into FSAE they learn to design build and actually go out test/race. You will learn more than just bolting a kit car together. Even if you had the cash now you may not be finished with a Goblin project by time you head off to college.
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    First ZZP remote tune failed ( Locked PCM

    Happened to me also. I got an ECM from ebay pretty cheap and they even programmed the VIN I wanted.
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    Ross's extended city, easy entry Goblin- 06 SS/SC, NW Arkansas

    Could it be in the steering rack ? Never-mind I see you said the steering is not the issue. Just sorta reminds me of speed wobbles.
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    Chris’s 2007 SS/SC track frame build for autocross

    Got to test out the Goblin weekend before last just had a chance to upload July 4 2021 in the goblin. This was to test some suspension and steering adjustments. I cracked the waste gate open 1/2" just to run the car momentum only and still waiting on getting a local dyno tune to make sure I'm...
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    Houston SCCA Autocross

    Rasing the rear until the lower control arms are angled down and a little toe in on the front tires helped keep me from losing the rear. As soon as that lower control arm goes from parallel to the ground starting upwards you are losing camber.
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    Last minute frame decision - need quick replies

    Im 41 and have some left shoulder troubles glad I went track frame but wish I had got an easy entry track frame. I only autocross my goblin so I removed my turn stalk. Couldn't get in the car without hitting it. A removable steering wheel is a must for me.
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    Wheel bearing spacer

    I wonder if some versions contact and some do not. The ones I have are aftermarket and the balljoint is bolted on Instead of riveted. Limiting positive camber gain should keep it from happening. I wouldn't shave anything off.
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    Wheel bearing spacer

    I trashed mine. I wonder if this would have still happened to my lower ball joint if I had installed them...
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    Track Apps

    A bunch of us use Racecapture and Solostorm. Racecapture connects your obd2 to bluetooth and a high resolution gps you can run on android tablets. Solostorm allows everyone to upload their selected runs so different competitors can analyze each other's data. The software has GPS triggers for...
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    07 ss/sc camshaft position wires

    It works, I crossed pins 2 and 1 when I wired it back up. Now it fires right up, glad the starter isn't an issue.
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    07 ss/sc camshaft position wires

    Thanks will check it over tonight after work. Hopefully it will start correctly.