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  1. k.rollin

    Jay’s Build Log- Track Goblin, extended #323, 07 SS SC

    The M4 rivnuts required a 6mm hole, so there wasn't a lot of margin on the upper side. I had issues being able to install the rivnuts because of access too. However, running this guy through the pre-drilled rivet holes to tap the tunnel for M4 screws worked great.
  2. k.rollin

    What does a goblin weigh?

    Mine was 1460 lbs with a half tank of fuel. Standard length track frame Aluminum side panels are the only bodywork NA 2.2L (Gen. 2 L61) and 4T45e automatic 15x7.5 König Hypergram wheels Maxxis Victra VR-1 205/50R15 tires Kirkey 47 series road race seats I'll have to scale it again after I add...
  3. k.rollin

    Jay’s Build Log- Track Goblin, extended #323, 07 SS SC

    I did not have good luck with rivnuts for the tunnel cover, but tapping the pre-drilled rivet holes for M4 button head machine screws worked out great.
  4. k.rollin

    light hook up issues

    The Maxxima S/T/T lights used for the kit have red and white wires only. I don't remember any red wires for the tail lights on the donor side though.
  5. k.rollin

    Battery ground current sensor

    Keep it
  6. k.rollin

    Button Panel Wiring

    I think most wires that are pink or pink with white trace are constant 12V.
  7. k.rollin

    Dastrups Track Goblin #243 - 08 SS TC

    I haven't deleted mine yet, but it also hasn't been updated since I placed the order for stage 2 back in 2018 lol
  8. k.rollin

    Competition other than AutoX

    For folks on the west coast, there's the Northwest Hill Climb Association. It looks like there's hill climbs in BC, southern WA, southern OR, and northern CA. Their website is not ideal but it might be a fun time.
  9. k.rollin

    Front wing - WOW

    Go out to the coast; the wind gets pretty stout at times.
  10. k.rollin

    RichN City Goblin - 2007 LT donor

    What did you think of the Smyth kits? I want to build an A4 or Charger ute.
  11. k.rollin

    Jay’s Build Log- Track Goblin, extended #323, 07 SS SC

    Why wait until Friday? Any machine can be a smoke machine if you use it wrong enough.
  12. k.rollin

    Jareth’s [Extended\Full-Cage\Double Door Bars] - [2010 LS Donor] - [Frame #290]

    Tighten down the hose clamps and it'll be fine.
  13. k.rollin

    EPS wire length

    What length is your chassis? 4" is coincidentally the length differential between the standard and extended chassis options.
  14. k.rollin

    Instrument Cluster swap

    My experience with similar era GM products is that the cluster will swap and function as plug and play, but that the odometer won't necessarily be accurate. I figured the the cluster would just display whatever the BCM had saved, but that assumption was wrong after swapping a mph cluster into my...
  15. k.rollin

    #312 is finished!!!

    Run at your own pace, man. Mine is #40 (delivered September 2017) and I didn't get my first drive until August 2020. You'll get there.