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    Ark's City Goblin (2008 SS/TC donor)

    Ark I saw on B is for build that he did a DIY RFID reader for his push to start. Thought you might find it interesting.
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    Ecotec 2.0 turbo engine question

    Thanks zoom. Yes I walnut blasted and then painted the block. I just used an aluminum colored high heat paint I found at AutoZone. For the valve cover I did a high heat primer and then several coats of white paint over the lettered area. I then sprayed the metalic burnt orange paint. Then I...
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    Custom Wraps

    For people interested in wraps this guy has a lot of really good instructional videos
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    need a little advice from the crowd

    My guess on the fuel tank is to allow more clearance on the intake side. The difference in caliper/rotors is that the Turbo Cobalt Brembo caliper/rotors are too big to be re-used so DF provides these in the Turbo kit where N/A donors can be reused.
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    New videos

    ground eggs, is that similar to scrambled?
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    How hard it is to make a kit car?

    When I picked up my kit Lonny and Adam told me a bit about how they went about conceiving and iterating through the design. Really interesting. One thing they said that aligns with your observation was that at first they were worried about someone copying them but they soon realized if they...
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    Possible build

    The goblin was designed to use as much as possible from a donor car. You can forge this path but you will do it alone with no one else to rely on having done any engineering for you. Seems like a ton of risk for what? What is the upside to using the honda motor over the ecotec?
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    Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

    Will racing harness be acceptable seat belts?
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    I see him post on Twitter some, so he is still kicking.

    I see him post on Twitter some, so he is still kicking.
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    Jason in Texas - ext. track - 09 SS/TC

    I broke both mine. The replacements didn't come with the tiny little bolt. Not sure where to find that.
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    Jason in Texas - ext. track - 09 SS/TC

    I'm curious about the evap port as well.
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    TC A/C delete accessory belt length or part number?

    Zzp has it for $18.
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    Ecotec 2.0 turbo engine question

    Thank you. I kind of don't remember anything there either but I was not smart enough to take any pictures with the manifold off.
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    Ecotec 2.0 turbo engine question

    Just inquiring about the one hole between the knock sensors in the second picture. It may be that nothing goes here but it does feel like a threaded hole. I'll try some bolts today to see if I can figure out thread size.
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    Ecotec 2.0 turbo engine question

    Sorry, you are correct. The ones I am inquiring about actually sit right above those.