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They generally require a little effort. Some folks file/hone the shock body opening. Some use heat on the body or freeze the bearings, some use a bearing installation tool, some use a socket and a mallet and send it.


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Here's some other posts from folks with the same issue:


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Your next response back to QA1 should include - whom in Quality is checking to be certain the eye machining process is still within control standards AND it meets the requirements for the supplied bearings they are getting from their supplier? I'm a Quality Engineer and stuff like this, when we are seeing it repeated multiple times now, is definitely a sign that someone is not doing their job! :mad:
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Having the exact same issue right now. It is quite frustrating. I have 2 of the four bearings in and broke one of them by accident so I had to order a new set. QA1 seems like they might have some quality control issues!