Aftermarket solid shifter?


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Is it just a matter of fabricating a different base?
I used the DF base plate that was welded to the tunnel cap, and the new RSX shifter came with an aluminum base.
So, no, I didn't need to fabricate a new base, just modified what was there.
Andrew/DCMoney made himself a custom base.


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Thinking I might be jumping on the band wagon here. I'm finding these as cheap as $91.99 on ebay. I'm curious though, I noticed DCMoney's version actual has the Ktuned engraving on it, was that from ebay or Amazon? I saw an earlier post with a link to Amazon, that one is currently $159, perhaps it was cheaper before. I'm likely being overly particular, but like the idea of having the version with the Ktuned markings.


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If you guys (Ross or JSATX or anyone else doing a RSX shifter) want a base that retains the stock mounting location let me know. Happy to make them to where you want the RSX shifter to bolt into at. Attached a PDF of the base I made, if you wanted to mock a base up. Print 1:1 on 8.5x11 it should be accurate. DXF linked below, you can modify as needed and send it to me and I'd be happy to make it for you, or you can send it out.
DCMoney, any chance you have a version of that drawing with dimensions? I'm reverse engineering from the tunnel cover and not having high enough confidence with the numbers. I also notice the thing is slightly out of square, the 2 seemingly parallel sides aren't... I never ended up even removing the shifter assembly from the donor, so at this point the tunnel cover is all I have to measure from.

If nothing else it would be nice to have some numbers to compare to. I've even thought about reaching out to Adam or Lonnie directly to see if they would be willing to provide a drawing for the tunnel shifter plate. I'm looking to CNC an aluminum plate and want to be able to hold some reasonable tolerances (not overly sloppy just to accommodate the crude measurements).

Also, what are the small 7 holes for?