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ASkiles' 918GBLN Street Build - 06 SS/SC


Goblin Guru
Wait, what!? 2.5!!!?? I’ve never seen one of those! You got built internals? Boooost!
Yep, 2.5". I went ahead and went all out. LOL Why not?!? What's the worst that could happen... No built internals. I am testing the extents of the stock internals. I have the accomodating mods to support the boost, besides the internals.


Well-Known Member
Nope. Good ole pump gas.
In all seriousness you may want to reconsider this. With a 2.5" pulley you will be outside of the efficiency of the blower and the air will be extremely hot. Without the aid of the cooling from E85 or meth injection I would worry about detonation (blowing yourself to pieces) or not being able to run enough timing to make it worth while.


Goblin Guru
I have to agree. At that point it’s not about PSI it’s about temperature. I’d go so far as to say you may even see less HP compared to say the 2.7” just due to massive amount of heat soak. If nothing else just try it and watch IAT religiously.


Goblin Guru
I really do like the custom door option. That's the second one I've seen, it's a nice blend of the standard/easy entry.


Goblin Guru
Thanks! I really dig it. It is a nice happy median. Plus I just like the look of it in general.
I agree, i would have liked to have mine like this. Looking back I do like the easy entry because it really is a little difficult getting in and out. who knows if that would help though.