Clutch Lines


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Does anyone have any pictures of how the clutch master cylinder is setup? What it connects to, etc. I think I know, but I would like confirmation. The same goes for the other end of the car. How does the clutch line actually connect to the transmission?



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It’s really straight forward. The DF supplied hardline connects between MC and SC which is attached directly to transmission.
The picture is what I figured it would look like on the front end. Maybe I'm missing something on the other side. I'm not 100% sure my clutch line is even position right. Do I connect to this thing? (Forgive me for the bad picture, this was the only one I could find with it in view). My clutch line comes up from under the transmission somewhere around there.



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Yes that’s the slave cylinder it goes on the front side of the trans though kind of under the fuse box in your picture


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Ok thank you. I figured that was the case, I just wanted to be sure. I'll try it tonight. Thanks!


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Clutch hydraulics.png

The lower arrow points to the clutch assist. Somehow it makes using a clutch easier for novice drivers. we do not use it.

The upper arrow points to the original clutch line. You will need to pull a wire clip that will allow the plastic clutch line to pull free of the aluminum fitting that is at the top of the transmission. Do not remove the aluminum fitting from the transmission unless you have to. We do not re-use the plastic clutch line. Our supplied clutch line will replace the plastic one.

Wipe a small amount of brake fluid on the o-rings before installing the clutch line to make them easier to install and make sure to replace the wire retaining clip.


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I had a bad leak on my hard line going from the clutch elbow to the slave in the transmission from prying at that connection not knowing what I was doing. I had to drop the subframe and transmission to replace the line and clutch elbow.

There is a small grommet that mounts to the male side/nipple coming off the hardline, it slides into the clutch elbow that connects to the DF supplied hardline. Make sure it’s oiled up and not stuck inside the clutch elbow but on the nipple/trans side.

You can see on my trans the grommet came off the clutch pipe and is stuck in the elbow. I believe this smashed it and caused my leak.


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The 4th picture is where I'm stuck now. The clip was rusty and stuck in there, but I have it out now. I just can't get the stock plastic line out. Called it a night before I got mad.