Danger Ranger 9000


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If you follow the Cleetus McFarland YouTube channel at all you're probably familiar with the Danger Ranger 9000 race coming up. If you don't watch his channel, he is a YouTuber that purchased a 3/8 mile oval track in Florida and hosts Pay Per View events that usually include about 20 Crown Vics and a bunch of his buddies/other YouTubers/celebrities/racers. This time is a little different though. He is hosting a race of roughly 30 Ford Rangers and it was opened up for 25 people to apply to participate in the race. I applied when registration opened up and was somehow chosen to be one of the 25 people! We've spent the last 4 weeks prepping the truck and we're just about done. We'll be testing the truck this Sunday at a local track(Rockford Speedway) and hopefully it works well! We currently have a 1 video of the truck build up on our YouTube channel but there will be a couple more coming soon!