Donor with Blown Ring


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Hello everyone,

I am still on the hunt for a donor and found one for cheap that has a blown ring on cylinder 1. I was wondering that because the engine will already be out of the donor if it will cost less in labor. I have found rings from ZZP for around 70 dollars so the rest would be labor. Mainly I was just looking for it to be under 1k.

Any insight would be much appreciated!


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Did the broken ring score the side of the cylinder, wreaking the sleeve?
Rings are cheap, blocks aren't.
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Did the broken ring score the side of the cylinder, wreaking the sleave?
Rings are cheap, blocks aren't.
The seller only specified the ring. How much would a block cost if it did in fact need replacing. Or would it just be the sleeves that need to be replaced?

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Broken rings will almost always include damaged piston grooves and scored cylinder walls. Which ring broke, compression or oil scraper? Sometimes the top compression ring may end up on top of the piston and also potentially damage the head, valves or top of the piston. These are never easy or cheap fixes. Figure in at least the cost of a short block into the price you pay for this donor - that's assuming you have the tools and skills to make a minor engine reassembly.