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    How long does it take most people to find and buy their donor car? I was looking on Copart and they had pretty much nothing for the cobalt ss manual supercharged, I am finding a decent few on Facebook but most people want 5k+ for them. I am also just having a hard time not letting the fund...
  2. K

    Donor with Blown Ring

    Hello everyone, I am still on the hunt for a donor and found one for cheap that has a blown ring on cylinder 1. I was wondering that because the engine will already be out of the donor if it will cost less in labor. I have found rings from ZZP for around 70 dollars so the rest would be labor...
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    Mixing Donors

    I have a 08 5 speed LS low mile donor but the body wire harness is messed up bad. I can get a 06 auto trans LS donor cheep. Is it possible to adapt the 06 harness to the 08 engine? It hard to find 5 speed cars in my area.