Dropping the engine with no lift lugs


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The old saying goes "there is more than one way to skin a cat". Now all you old timers / experts (who are way smarter than me), don't give me a hard time here. :)
I barely know one way.
The video series for stripping shows the engine with lift lugs. That makes life real easy to hook up an engine hoist. Most engines have them. But, for whatever reason, my were not there (2009 SS/TC). So, after a little head scratching, and some input from some other (where to procure some lugs for $$), I grabbed a strap and routed in around and through all the obstacles so nothing would be damaged. I tried to take enough pics so the details were clear. It was completely secure and could not slip off.
Hope this helps someone else in the same predicament.
I assume others can follow up with the other ways to skin this cat.