GOTW - 3-29-24 #184 Russell from Waller, TX


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This week's Goblin of the Week is #184 from Waller, TX. Russell is a motorcycle guy at heart but the Houston Goblin guys still let him be part of the group :p


What is your name?

Where are you located?
Waller, TX

What is your forum screen name?


Build log on forum:
Rttoys’s track- ‘06 ss/sc #184

What is your chassis number?

When did you buy your Goblin?


Tell us a little about yourself.
I am an auto technician by trade and basically love anything outdoors. I have had a couple of sports cars when I was younger, but have been riding/racing motorcycles for 30 years and that’s my real passion. Getting back into cars has been a fun and new challenge, though.


How did you become interested in cars?
Basically, high school auto mechanics class introduced me to the fun side of cars. Growing up on the farm, all you have is trucks and tractors, but I wanted speed and cars would fill the void. Although I prefer motorcycles, cars are a lot of fun, especially pushing them to the max.

What drew you to the Goblin?
The simplicity of reusing so many parts of the cobalt intrigued me. You have something that is custom, but parts are available everywhere. Not to mention, the uniqueness of the goblin really sets it apart from a lot of kit cars, especially replicas.


How does the Goblin fit into your lifestyle? (daily driver, weekend warrior, both)

Tell us about your build. (who did you build it with? where did you build it?)
This was mostly a solo project, but my lovely wife was a good helper during the build, especially when I was stuck on the harness due to my colorblindness, she was great at identifying wires. I also think she had a little too much fun dismantling the cobalt and setting off airbags (on purpose). We built it here at home, with plenty of space in our airplane hangar.




What, if anything, have you modified on your Goblin that sets it apart from others?
A lot of things are just little touches here and there to keep the look clean. The biggest thing was cutting the tail light brackets off and adding new ones to accept different tail lights. I ended up scavenging tail lights from a Honda Grom. I think that really cleaned up the back end, along with repurposing the SS Cobalt rear spoiler. I have added a front splitter and rear defuser, but the best aerodynamic mod is the mirror wings. Other than adding some power to the LSJ, it’s a pretty stock build.


Do you have any memorable road trips, races or events you've attended in your Goblin?
Meeting up with 2 other goblin owners (SACTX and JBINTX) for the first time for a drive was the most memorable. There was also one of our first autocross all together and the hearing over the pa that there is a “gaggle of goblins”. Also, attending the last 2 goblinfests was a great highlight of goblining. Such great people, roads and adventures.


Is there a particular aspect of the Goblin—be it the design, performance, or community—that you appreciate the most?
The goblin brotherhood is strong. We all help each other, especially our Houston group. We are always chatting via text.



Finally, do you have any future plans for your Goblin—any upcoming modifications, trips, or events?
There’s always room for improvement. The rear suspension is high on the list of improvements as well as aerodynamics, but neither hinder everyday driving. As I get faster at autocross and on the track, everything is needing fine tuning.


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About time! Was beginning to think that the DF crew was holding your motorcycle passion against you! But when are you going to get a real Wang! ;):p:cool:

Desert Sasqwatch

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Russell, you need a DF Goblin sticker on your bike - maybe get an advertisement sponsorship? I'm sure Lonny likes bikes, since he likes everything that goes fast. :D