Insurance Questions


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Based upon this, I called them earlier this week and and was quoted $1300 for the same coverage (no tickets or accidents).
I have my DD truck's insurance through a broker my family has worked with for a long time. When I spoke to her after I ordered my kit, she said that because I have a policy through them for a vehicle that can be considered daily use, they can consider the Goblin a weekend or low mileage use vehicle. The policy is going to be on par with others who are getting ~$500 annual rates. I can't speak more highly about having a broker that we have a good relationship with - she navigates the headache side of the insurance, and I essentially pay the same or maybe slightly less due to their buying power.

I'm 33, not married, and an extremely clean driving record.


I called & emailed this person many times for 4-5 WEEKS with no response.
The first time I tried contacting her the voice-mail said she was out on maternity leave till early September (when I was calling about insurance). I think she was back early as she handled mine last week and the whole process was a few days and I was covered by Modern through them.