Jason in Texas - ext. track - 09 SS/TC


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Hot day for autoX in Houston today.

@Rttoys and I represented the Goblin community well.

My youngest, Cooper, left his Miata in the garage and drove his daily Scion tC - just to do something different. Although slower, he said it was fun to drive it so hard and find the limits. I actually think he had explored them on the streets already.... ;)
Since he was not running in our EM class, I got to ride along with him several laps. He was so amazed at how easy it was not to have to worry about shifting through the gears and being able to focus more on driving lines. And, we had the AC and music playing. Definitely not the same as the Goblin. :)

Our Goblins are now getting within 3 seconds of the fastest laps by anyone. That is pretty cool considering a lot of this crowd normally attends much more serious track events and have some really dedicated fast cars - C8 vette, Lotus Exige, new NSX, Dodge Viper, Porsche 911, and a whole lot more. We are way faster than the Mustangs, Camaros, and any Dodge Charger out there!!... ;)


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