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I've been bad about not updating the info on my build along the way, but that's gonna stop now. My most recent rebuild this year involved basically rebuilding the entire car minus the front suspension. That means a new engine, transmission teardown inspection, wilwood pedal box, surge tank fuel system, 2 stage scavenge ARE dry sump oil system, updated DF rear control arms and spindles, new DF direct connect shifter, and added oil temp and fuel level gauges. Attempting all this at one time was a bit overwhelming and took a lot longer than i would have liked to complete. Technically the dry sump system isnt installed yet, but all the parts are there. Just need a custom valve cover to finish it up. With the wet sump still installed and everything else complete, it made its first successful break in on the dyno. New 2.1 engine made 607whp/517wtq at 31 psi while still on my old small id1000cc injectors. Below is the updated build list for the car as of this year.


I like anything that goes fast
Build List as of 9/16/21:

2.1 LSJ Ecotec
2.4 ZZP Girdled Block
2.4 JE Pistons
2.0 Carrillo Rods
Stock 2.0 Crank
OTTP Balance Shaft delete kit
Category V Port Worx Head porting
ZZP reverse split turbo cams
ZZP 82# valve springs/Titanium retainers
Oem Intake/Exhaust valves
Oem rockers
ARP head studs
Oem LSJ head gasket
ARP timing chain guide bolts
ATI underdrive harmonic balancer
John Powell trap door wet sump oil pan
S257 turbo
ZZP turbo header
Tial wastegate
modified saab 9-3 turbo intake
ZZP high voltage Coils

Fuel System:
ID1000cc Injectors (static at full boost) *bigger injectors waiting to be installed*
300l summit fuel pump with canister in tank
1/2 gallon surge tank
MagnaFuel 425 Inline fuel pump after surge tank
pumps wired to seperate relays
inline screen filters before surge tank and after inline pump
8an feed lines
6an return lines

F23 5 speed
FX500 Clutch
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
team green diff insert (dont recommend if you like donuts)
zzp stage 1 axles
DF updated control arms/spindles
DF direct link shifter

Nine Lives Racing 48 inch Front Wing, 69 inch rear wing and custom diffuser
400lb rear spring 500lb front springs with SS rear sway bar (track setup)
300lb rear spring 400lb front springs with SS rear sway bar (street setup)
Wilwood pedal box 3/4 bore master cylinders

Cicio Performance Dyno Session:
Tuner: Taylor Leier
607whp/517wtq @31psi falling to 29-30 at high rpm

This current setup will be used for the 9/24/21 SCT Atlanta Roll Race event as well as the Annual Tail of the Dragon ecotec meet 10/2/21. This current setup is not suitable for a track day at this time with the current wet sump and no oil cooler installed. After Dry sump installation and bigger injector install, car will be ready for more power and Full Send track days.
**This post will be updated when new upgrades are installed**
Pictures will also be added throughout the next few weeks, still tidying the build quality
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That looks like an awesome build! I always talk about your car, the "585 HP" car and now I will have to update my canned speech. That's very impressive.

Also glad to see you back on the forum with updates. Make sure to get videos of your runs and post them. I'm subscribed.


I like anything that goes fast
Only video i have is the dyno video i already posted on facebook. Ive yet to drive the car with the new setup. We took it straight off the dyno and put it on the trailer in the rain. It hasnt dried up enough to take it for a rip yet. Very soon tho!!


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I'm ready to buy one if someone knows how to get in touch with them. I haven't gotten any responses from them through their Facebook or email address.


I like anything that goes fast
Ecotec meet was a success, 450 miles of mountain thrashing. Disappointed there weren’t more goblins tho. I passed Joel by circumstance on the dragon and we got a chance to meet. Other than that, zero! Hopefully more of y’all will show up at next years event!


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Its fine for low power or straight line traction. If you like donuts, forget about it lol itll still one wheel peel trying a donut. Also for high speed tracking, the car is kind of unpredictable on corner exit with some wheel spin. Im looking for a quaife to replace it
Really great information there! You saved me a lot of headaches. I just ordered the quaife.

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400lb rear spring 500lb front springs with SS rear sway bar (track setup)
300lb rear spring 400lb front springs with SS rear sway bar (street setup)
Couple of questions about the rear sway bar... I am currently not running any sway bars - front or rear. I would have figured the use of the sway bar would have upset the suspension balance with the Goblin being so light - especially without a sway bar on the front.
Please educate...

1. Have you run without a sway bar?
2. Could you tell us why you chose to use the SS sway bar in the rear and the advantages of using it?
3. Have you tried the smaller non-SS sway bar?
4. Do you have plans for a front sway bar in the future?

I appreciate your input and real world experience...!!! Thanks!

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Rear/mid-engine cars respond differently to swaybar applications than front engine cars do. For them, with a larger percentage of weight on the front wheels, adding a large front swaybar reduces understeer and the suspension changes should be made from there based on a mostly neutral setup. For rear/mid-engine, with the majority of the weight on the rear wheels, a rear swaybar is a must to get the car neutral handling - which sometimes doesn't require a front swaybar if the anti-dive and roll center are correct on the front suspension. This is a highly simplified explanation and many factors play into suspension setup than can be explained here.

There are lots of websites that have in depth discussion about this and some suspension simulator software that can help with the information.