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Hello all Goblin builders. I received this notice of my Mid West Sevens group looking at an event in May. Goblins and interested builders in progress are invited. The fellow organizing this is gauging interest and would like a hand count, so he can make hotel arrangements for rooms and have a ball park figure for restaurant reservations.

This is in Chad's backyard almost! I will post what the organizer has posted in the notice.

If you are interested send me a note -- Dale E (this way will not clutter up the Goblin meeting thread) -- and I will forward your name and number attending to the organizer. Thanks in advance.

From the Organizer:

I would like to gauge interest in another gathering this spring. I tried to host one in 2019, but am sorry I wasn't able to due to complications with the birth of my son in late 2018 that kept me from doing the prep work. Fortunately things have settled down on that front. I know why we didn't hold one last year and for good reason but what does everyone think about this year? I expect many will have cabin fever and be ready to get out and about by May. We can keep 6 feet between our cars right?

Chime in if you are interested so I can get group rates at the hotel. I also have a few local car clubs that are interested in joining us including the Greater Ozarks British Motoring Club, and two of those members have original Lotus 7s.

I have local contacts who work at the Ozarks International Raceway, and will continue trying to get us access. They are still saying no, but I will keep on them. If we get a big enough group together we may be able to persuade them if we sell it as a good marketing event for the track.

I am still finalizing a few details, like lunch on Friday will be changing from Captain Ron's to Franky & Louie's, but they are close to each other.

I have been doing the prep work and this is what I have ready so far. As we know with cruises, things change so the time's are approximate and I allowed time and places to gather and wait for stragglers. Being a boating area, there are plenty of refueling options for ethanol free gas.

FieroReinke - Locost 7
Trialsmangasgas - Locost 7
Rodger Grantham - Lotus S7
David Reinke - Jaguar E Type
Smith - Support Vehicle
Tailwind - Locost 7

When: May 13 - 16 2021
Where: Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri
Host Hotel:

Daily Agenda:
1. Thursday May 13th, 2021
a. Arrival at Lodge at Port Arrowhead
b. 3:00 PM Depart for Ozarks International Raceway for those interested and arrived early (30 mi / 45 min each way, includes $3 toll each way)
c. 7:00 PM Dinner at Fat Polly’s Pub at the hotel
2. Friday May 14th, 2021 (155mi / 3 1/2 hours seat time)
a. 9:00 AM Depart Lodge at Port Arrowhead
b. 10:30 AM Ha Ha Tonka Castle Ruins
c. 12:30 PM Lunch at Franky & Louie’s in Sunrise Beach
d. 2:00 PM Depart Franky & Louie’s
e. 4:00 Stop at Bagnell Dam lookout
f. 4:45 PM Arrive back at Lodge at Port Arrowhead
g. 5:30 Dinner and drinks at Shawnee Bluff Winery
h. 7:00 Hot Summer Nights Cruise In on the Bagnell Dam Strip
3. Saturday May 15th, 2021 (250mi / 5 hours seat time)
a. 9:00 Am Depart Lodge at Port Arrowhead
b. 12:00 PM lunch at Hoppers Pub in Waynesville
c. 1:30 PM Depart Hoppers Pub
d. 5:00 PM Arrive back at Lodge at Port Arrowhead
e. 6:30 PM Dinner at H Toads
f. After dinner, drinks at either H Toads or at Fat Polly’s Pub at Lodge at Port Arrowhead
4. Sunday May 16th 2021 - Return home on your own schedule

Friday Morning:
Friday Morning.jpg
Friday Morning.jpg [ 285.15 KiB | Viewed 189 times ]
Friday Afternoon:
Friday Afternoon.jpg
Friday Afternoon.jpg [ 221.57 KiB | Viewed 189 times ]
Saturday Morning:
Saturday morning.jpg
Saturday morning.jpg [ 335.68 KiB | Viewed 189 times ]
Saturday Afternoon:
Saturday Afternoon.jpg
Saturday Afternoon.jpg [ 250.71 KiB | Viewed 189 times ]

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I wasn't too clear. You can let me know if you are interested in this by replying here in forum or by conversation method.

Chad + 1 said they would be interested already.


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I wish I was free, but that is the weekend that my youngest is graduating. Sounds like it would be a lot of fun.

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Short update to this event.

Possibly 2 Goblins now, but we would like a few more. Let me know!

For those that have told me they are coming, please check the first post of the thread to confirm I have you listed and the number of attendees. If you only plan to attend a portion of the weekend, please let me know so I can let the restaurants know.

Attendees - car - head count
FieroReinke - Locost 7 - 2
Trialsmangasgas - Locost 7 - 2
Rodger Grantham - Lotus S7 - 1
David - Jaguar E Type - 1
Smith - Support Vehicle - 1
Tailwind - Locost 7 -1
Ngpmike - 1
V8seven - 2
Dale – StalkerV6 or Birkin S3 - 2
Chad - Goblin - 2
Mstieff - Elise - 1
Tim - Goblin – 2
Lonny - Goblin (3) - 5
Jamesm - Goblin - 2

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