Missing hardware from kit

I have a few emails into Adam with no reply so far, so I figured I'd ask.

What hardware is required to mount the brakes? I'm missing the spacers for the front and any and all bolts to mount the brakes front and back.

Looks like m12x1.75? For bolt and pitch. What size spacer is needed is it something I can grab from a hardware store? And does anyone have any pics of the exact hardware needed to mount them? Is it just straight bolts or bolts and lock washers or what? Thanks guys!
I did have a bag with 2 m12x1.75x55 bolts but they hit the back of the rotor if I don't use at least 2 washers on them. And that only mounted one caliper so, I assume I'm just missing the needed hardware for the brakes all together.


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I used my own bolts for the brakes.
The spacer was a DF part, but I think there are multiple donor calipers, so your may be different.
Sorry, I had an SS/SC so all 4 calipers and mounts were supplied by df. Should have said that in the first post. I also just verified with the front wheels off I'm definitely missing the spacers. I'll just have to wait for a reply from Adam then I guess. It's an early frame #0017 and I bought it second hand from a member who didn't finish it. So it either didn't ship originally or was lost in the sale somehow.
Looks like the back I can mount tho, what length bolt should be used? I can go buy some today. I'll have to just go look, I just couldnt find any pics of the exact hardware used of the brakes front and back.


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Here are my brake hardware bags with the parking brake kit. The bolts that came in the rear bag I used to bolt the caliper to the machined adapters. I bought longer bolts and used the supplied nuts to bolt the adapter to the steering knuckle.


Thanks! yeah I dont have any bags like that, so I wonder if it just didn't go out in his original kit when it shipped.

I have several emails and forum PM's to the df guys, hoping to hear back soon. Thanks again for the pic!