My current choices Auto or Manual


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Don’t buy a donor from the dealer. Facebook, auto trader, craigslist, offer up (where I found my $300 donor), letgo, auctions, street corners...There are donors everywhere for dirt cheap.

I prefer a manual. Buy what you prefer and will enjoy; its your build.


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Thanks guys, only been on here a few days and cannot get over how helpful everyone is.


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A good deal on a clean titled clean car usually means something is wrong with the drivetrain or electrical that is not easily seen.

With a salvage car, it was likely running and driving before it was wrecked. The money you save is from the value the car lost due to it being wrecked not because it has hidden problems.


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So I have my donor the one with the Automatic, between the time I first saw it on Craigslist and the time I called to see it the price was dropped to $4,000. When I arrived the was one of those moving pods in the driveway. The guy had been trying to sale it for weeks and it has come down to the wire for him to move across the country. I had cash in hand and basically stole it for $3,000, he was happy to have it sold. I quickly found a U-Haul to tow it home and 2 hours latter had it sitting in my driveway.

Now I have to save some money so I can order the frame.

In following pic you can see my 68 Camaro peaking out of the corner of the garage, she is not happy. I tried to explain to her that she was not being replaced, that she was just getting a new friend.

Shame I don’t want to use these seats, they are in great shape

Guess I’ll register it and drive it while waiting to purchase the kit.

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That sure is a nice donor! It almost takes the fun out of stripping it. Ripping and tearing at the interior with zero regard to breaking plastic clips was fun. I would think all that is sellable to someone.


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I hear what you all are saying but sometimes I read about the issue that some have with the higher mileage parts it makes me relieved to have such a clean donor.

I have driving it a lot and it’s been running great which makes me excited that basically almost everything is moving from the donor to the Goblin. I’ve even seem to be getting 34+ MPG so I’m curious what that will translate into when you drop half the weight?



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No differences between the sedan and coupe for our purposes (though parting out a turbo sedan will get you eviscerated by the Facebook kiddos).

We don't use anything from the door harness connectors onward.
Guess what I’m parting put. lol


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I picked up a rolled SS/TC with 4,000 original miles and the interior was in great shape.
I' have currently sold $3,200 worth of parts (minus $550 for shipping)

You can definitely recover some money from selling off well maintained interior pieces.
Good luck!