My current choices Auto or Manual


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Almost forgot to mention on reason I did not bring it home was one letter of the Title did not match the VIN on the car. Title has 1A1ABS7and VIN has 1A1AB57. Someone mistyped 5 as a S

Although I won’t be registering it will someone from the DMV in Florida want to see the vin on the Donor when I go to register the Goblin. Along with the title the registration was even wrong, only document that was right was the insurance card.

Plan at the moment is to see what they say when I check with DMV on Tuesday? Seems like everyone gets rid of of the donor as soon as they strip it. So maybe I should not bring it up to them? As far as they know the title and registration match is what is in the system

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on your codes.

B1S2 codes, really don’t matter unless you are going to use the post cat HO2S.
B1S1 you’ll probably end up replacing the pre cat HO2S (oxygen sensor).
fuel level high voltage one, could just be an unplugged connection. At worse a broke wire or fuel sending unit problem.actually, most of them could be a cut wire problem or the parts are unplugged/missing due to someone jacking with it.


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I'm sure that'll buff right out!

Seriously, that's like a tire you see on the side of the highway, all blown out.