My goblin is......

Desert Sasqwatch

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Too many kids have there nose buried in a computer, tablet or phone and don't want to get their 'hands dirty'. My kids - son and daughter - spent plenty of time in the garage with me and have an appreciation for things mechanical (and that go fast). Can't wait to get my grandkids into Papa's garage!


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My 13 YO son has a helmet when we highway travel to shows and begs to be in the Goblin any chance he can get. With my younger rider, it is fast in and return at slower speeds.


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Something like that. I finished it up right as she was entering the "too cool for mom and dad" years, and now she just refuses to ride in it. Well surprise, any chance I get, I pick her up from friends' houses in it so she has no choice!
I did something similar to my now 13 year old. He didn't want me to pick him up from school in it, so I just did it one day without asking him. All his friends went crazy over it, along with a lot of the faculty. Now he wants me to pick him up in it when I can.

Drago is waiting for the rain and/or cold to let up so it can emerge from the garage. It has been getting items added like a front splitter, grill insert and Group Buy shifter with Dragon Ball knob. Why deal with issues when you can just add on shiny things.....


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Ya. Over 5” of rain today. :oops: The east side got tornadoes, so it’s all good.

I say 5”, because that’s as far as my gauge goes and it was full.


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There were 3 Miata's and 2 Honda's that wreaked in one corner during a race at the track day. Glad we skipped it.