No Charge - Steering Arm Replacements - Stage 2 Kit Component

Mystery Solved!

If anyone doesn't knows who Randy Probst is take a look at any sports car history website. Anyway- within this video (@10:00) is Randy breaking, what for it,...........a DF steering arm. Albeit on an AT Goblin but I suspect had a lot to do with the replacement steering arms. Hats off to DF for keeping us Safe



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Today we started shipping these out to those that requested them one way or another. Please, if you do not see an automated email giving you a tracking link in the next day or so, please email us @ [email protected] so I can check on yours.

Thanks y'all!


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Actually broke one of these last year when I bumped the edge of my garage door trim "MY FAULT ENTIRELY". I Jury-Rigged it back together so I could push the car around the shop (Not to drive) until a replacement arrived. Thank to DF for identifying & replacing the part !!!


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I ran into this on my build and you cannot reuse the castle nuts. DF supplied lock nuts to replace the factory castle nuts.
doesn't look like you are putting the right part in there...
Exactly. That’s a tapered hole for a tie rod, not a heim joint.
I had stripped the thread on one of the df tie rods.

So I searched for ultra power es2383(see pics). Only result was from Rockauto. I found the alternate part#. The alternate PN is usually the OEM.(see pics)

Punched the OEM into Opticat. (See pics)Opticat says that tie rods goes to:
1985-1988 Chevrolet Nova (Outer); 1998-2002 Chevrolet Prizm (Outer); 1989-1997 Geo Prizm (Outer); 1990-1991 Lexus ES250 (Outer); 1987-1991 Toyota Camry (Outer); 1986-1999 Toyota Celica ST GT GTS (Outer); 1985-2002 Toyota Corolla (Outer) (Steering System: Power & Drive: FWD); 2003-2005 Toyota Echo (Outer) (Steering: Rack & Steering System: Power); 1987-1990 Toyota Tercel (Outer) (Doors: 4, 2 & Body: Hatchback, Sedan); 1996-2003 Toyota RAV4 (Outer) (Fuel: BATTERY EV (EV/BEV)); 2004-2006 Scion xA (Outer); 2004-2006 Scion xB (Outer)

Opticat also gives aftermarket replacements. I ordered Moog es2382 based on outer tie rods for 2006 Scion xA.

To make sure the was no powder coat in the taper hole I cut the stripped tie rods housing and pressed the ball end of the taper shaft into an old socket. I used the assembly and some coarse lapping compound to remove unwanted powder.

That pic shows the lapping tool using the bad tie rod.


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I have not recieved my updated steering arms to this point. Has this issue been resolved or still back ordered?

I have emailed DF three times and have talked to Adam ounce on this issue. Maybe I am just having a bad day.