No title

I found a smoking deal on a 2009 manual shift colbalt. Two questions first no title what would you do about registration of goblin does it need title of sonar in Texas or can I just make sure it’s not stolen the. Cut it up for scrap when Iam done?


Goblin Guru
Title is best, but should be able to be done as long as you document everything. They may send you to a DPS inspection person to look for serial numbers to make sure nothing is stolen.


Goblin Guru
I cut the VIN number out of the dash of one of my donor cars, and signed the title with VIN over to another goblin owner.


Goblin Guru
Do you need to drive up to Montana or is it all though mail?
better yet...I did a VIN inspection for my Montana LLC in Cheyenne Wyoming and I live in Denver haha. The rest of the paperwork you can complete by mail yourself, with the exception of the bill of sale which needs notary. You just need the stage 1 Montana VIN inspection which can technically be done by any highway patrol.