Quick question.

If I'm going to just buy new bearing hubs because the ones on my donor were very rough, and I get the optional rear coilover addition to the kit, I don't need anything from the rear suspension correct?

And all I need from the front is the control arms? Just wanna make sure I'll be junking the shell I picked apart Monday afternoon.

Do I still need the nuts off the top of the front shocks? Or if I get all the suspension from df I don't need any of that correct?
I did keep the knuckles from the front, was mostly curious about the shock top bolt, I thought I read somewhere to keep them but I don't have access to spring compressors.


Goblin Guru
Keep all the front suspension parts and throw them away later if you don’t want them. Rear suspension can go. I didn’t keep my front anti-sway bar and wish I did. I also didn’t keep my control arms because I didn’t know I could replace the bushings. It was early in my build process.

I didn’t use a spring compressor and the springs came out super easy. Didn’t really have any tension on them. DFG will tell you to keep all the fasteners.
Yeah, i kept all the fasteners, but sold the lowering springs that the car had, I was just going to give the guy the entire shock and spring sets because I didn't want to rent compressors to pull them apart, just wanted to know if it was okay to not keep those two top nuts or not.

Thank you!