SOLD Goblin #140 FS - Arizona Build SS/SC Street Frame SOLD


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Hey all!! Andy here. Possibly looking to sell my Goblin for the right price. I am looking to possibly get into other vehicular endeavors, and have to make some room. I would like to get $20k. Here is the link to my full build thread...

It is Goblin frame #140. Street frame with modified easy entry frame, with an SS/SC LSJ power plant and manual transmission. The LSJ has been massaged and tuned to put out quite a bit more power. Ported supercharger, smallest pulley I could find, injectors, tune, etc... It screams!!! There is also a short throw shifter on the transmission. You will have to refer to the build thread, way too much custom little touches to remember and put here...LOL. I will try though!!

- Street Frame #140 w/ "modified easy entry" (custom option...not full frame, not easy entry) - Powdercoated in "Kingsport Grey"
- Engine subframe & control arms powdercoated Kingsport Grey
- LSJ SS/SC engine from a 2005 Cobalt, 2.5" pulley on the ported superhcharger, lots of new gaskets, ZZP dual pass cooling mod on intercooler, powdercoated valve cover, custom made air intake, ZZP header, custom stainless 3" steel exhaust
- Power Brakes & Steering; braided stainless lines
- Custom stainless steel plate floor plan, thicker than the given aluminum, much, MUCH stronger!
- NRG fiberglass seats, red 4-point harnesses
- 16" x 7" American Racing Torq Thrust wheels w/ 205-45-16 Dunlop Direzza's (all brand new)
- Body, side panels, and custom engine side panels all wrapped in a brushed gunmetal vinyl; custom red vinyl stripes
- Custom stainless steel grill
- QA1 Coilovers on all 4 corners, fully adjustable
- Heat exchanger with electrical fan for intercooler system
- Optional Footwell cover
- Custom 3D printed "dash" piece for buttons around gauges
- Boost gauge
- All electrical connectors were made from Weatherpak connectors for longevity and ease of removal
- Aluminum spoiler with custom cut aluminum mounts

The car is fully titled, registered, insured, and driving on the Arizona roads. I have the title in hand, clear, and ready to sign over to the new owner.


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What's the HP and how many inches is it lower at the entry then a standard city frame?
I have not put it on a dyno, so I couldn't accurately say. I would imagine just shy of 300HP though.

If you look at the entry area, it is just slightly lower. It is not missing like on the easy entry, but is made to be lower and more straight so that it is easier, yet still provides some extra protection. I have yet to see another Goblin with this on it.
Andy, do you by chance have a pic of someone sitting in the Goblin? Want to see where the upper rail is located when sitting


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Andy, do you by chance have a pic of someone sitting in the Goblin? Want to see where the upper rail is located when sitting
I don't, but I can get that. The bar sits above my thigh when sitting, by a few inches. Not below. It provides side protection still.