Something in the works.


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Not a formula car, I wish though. I thought the wheels were steel too but they're aluminum with steel seats.

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GT sedan club racer? I think I see a rear door in the pic along with a roll cage close to the right side of the Kirkey.
Deal done and car at it's new home today!
When I say deal, it was an offer I couldn't refuse.
1983 RX7, 13B, 9500rpm screamer. Fully caged, watts linkage rear end, fuel cell, list goes on.
Part of the deal is the previous owner kept certain parts for his street car. Carb, header, distributor, coils, belt driven oil pump system, steering wheel, oil pan.


Already getting into it reassembling and adjusting the steering linkage


Repurposed the Goblin steering wheel for now.




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I've always loved the look of the FD's.
We can't wait to see how this drives once we source all the replacement parts. This car I guess is still legal and competitive in E Production class instead of a vintage class.
A few parts and elbow grease should get it under it's own power again.


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We made some progress on the RX7 this weekend.
Had to remove the front cover and verify the front thrust bearing had dropped out of position and reassembled.
External wet sump drive pulley installed.
Header and intake bolted on and torqued.
Carb, throttle arm, stop and throttle cable mount built/modified and installed.

Can't wait for our first start on this and hear that 'ol Braap, Braap, Braap!


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I always loved how tiny those motors are. They're probably actually decent on power if you compare total engine size to power output, but for sure nothing touches them on total engine size to noise output.

My college car club had an '84 GS with weight reduction, Konis, slicks, and a rats nest delete, and that thing was a hoot. It was a great beginners car, with some drivers learning to drive a manual on it, but with the right driver you could also go place top 5 in the event.

Looks good!