Supercharger Pulley Puller available


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Anyone need a supercharger pulley puller?

Andrew (DCMoney) loaned me the puller that he made.
I am going to make a video of how it worked on my supercharger.
Then it will become available to the next Goblin owner for a small fee ($20ish) to cover shipping.

So if you are in need, request.

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The way I planned on it to work was I'll send the puller in a USPS flat rate padded envelope ($7.55 shipped anywhere in the US) with a prepaid return label and extra flat rate bag inside so when you're done you only have to drop it off in your mailbox, no need to go to the Post office.

$20 is to cover shipping and the M8 set screw that should get replaced with each use.


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I might be interested in using the puller in the not too distant future (maybe next month). Is this still available?