Texas Revoking Titles (and how you can help)

Jr Green

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Greetings fellow Texans,

In the TX-DMV Assembled & Reconstructed Vehicle Manual
4.1 Application for Title and Supporting Documentation

The state is asking for a vehicle inspection report which is separate from the ASE inspection. Is this just a typical state inspection? If so, how is this inspection obtained without a title/insurance? Feels like a chicken/egg sort of problem. Any guidance is greatly appreciated!


Goblin Guru
Yes you will need to go to the corner inspection station. That is how your info gets put into the state computer system.

You should be able to obtain insurance prior to going to the inspection.

Jr Where are you located?


Goblin Guru
Yep. Get a ASE master to inspect the car using the proper paperwork. You’ll need to also get a copy of his certification for proof of masters. Then go to any inspection station (usually the same place) to get a state inspection. You’ll need insurance that can be issued without any title work.

I insured mine well before any of these inspections.