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Indy Lonnie

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Few wang questions
1. What mount style are those?
2. Where are they welded at?
3. Any links to the 1/4" - 20 heim-joints, turnbuckles, 1/8" cable, and swagless fittings
1. The mounts? I assume they are standard but? Those are DF wing stands (Lonny's design). I ordered them before they had problems with the wing supplier... They may still make them?
2. 27 5/8" center to center, 27 1/4” inside
3. swageless tensioner, cable. The heim joints I got from Jegs: QA1 1698-114, QA1 CFL4S, QA1 CFR4S, QA1 JNL4S-5PK, QA1 JNR4S-6PK
The wing was a custom order from 9-Lives Racing. Any custom order from them cannot be refunded. That's how I lucked into it...

The wing it VERY sturdy with the cross bracing. It looks awesome and functional. The extra cost of the fittings is worth every penny. It looks so clean.