Tinkles Street Monster - No donor Extended City chassis


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I agree with the clearance issues. You will not only need laminated safety glass but a wiper and apparently a washer.

I recommend a brace back to the rear hoop. I will be willing to bet that you will grab the windshield frame to climb in and out. If it flexes the frame the glass will break.

This is what I mocked up for my windshield frame
20180529_175632.jpg 20180529_175703.jpg


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Good Evening,
Just a quick side photo of the clearance between the steering wheel and the windshield only about 4 1/2” and I’m a lot more vertical then I would have liked. Ron is basically copying what I did on my car. (And as we had talked about the two center tubes function to keep passengers from bending the windshield and also makes it a lot easier for you to get in and out of the car.)


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It's been cold in PA and my garage doesn't have heat. Those are my excuses as to why I really do not have much progress to show. But I have been getting more parts in. Both Kirkeys, a F40 Quaife LSD, the rest of the carbon fiber, 5x114 hubs, and I have started acquiring wheels.

I am on windshield design V2 and am pretty happy with it, but I want to get the Kirkeys mounted before I make the final tweaks. I am hoping to have that happen in the next few weeks if the weather continues to get warmer.

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Kyle, any update on the build? I am curious to see how the sidepods turned out to house the heat exchangers. I have this same idea for my build, since I live in Phoenix and using 2 large heat exchangers is a must to combat high IATs. Thanks.


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Nothing to really show, just spending money. I just ordered my Stage 2 kit from DF, started collecting some wheels, and trying to make sure I have all the frame modifications figured out before I take it to the fab shop.


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Update time.

I test fitted a Cobalt seat bracket from Planted Technologies. Kinda fits. The mounting points line up, but where the front hooks to the crossbar is ~5/8" too big. I am not sure what direction to go. Either talk with the company and try to develop perfect fitting bracket or just weld on a 5/8" thick piece of square stock to the crossbar.

I applied and got accepted into Mishimoto's sponsorship program. I already have their KFX700 ATV radiators that I will be using as intercoolers and I picked up one of their 25 row oil coolers and will have mounts fabbed up to run one behind each intercooler in my side pods. I don't know if I'll run 2 25 row oil coolers, but the plan is to already have the mounts there if I decide to down the road.

I cut off the side pods and flipped the Goblin back on it's side so I can start on some of the carbon fiber work.
Before any resin.

After 4 coats.

Slightly different lighting.

There are a few imperfections in it and still needs to cure and be sanded smooth. I used a resin with UV protection in it, but I will still have it professionally clear coated with a good quality automotive clear coat. So far I think I did pretty decent considering that this is my 1st time ever laying carbon fiber.

This is going to be difficult to pick the perfect color for powdercoat because of how the color shifts with lighting with the carbon fiber. I am currently thinking about black with a ton of blue flake.

I also layed out some red carbon fiber to use as endplates for my wing.



Once they cure I'll flip them over and add another layer of carbon fiber to the backside to make them stronger.

The wheels I ordered are Motegi MR135s to use for "beater wheels". They are cheap enough that I do not feel bad about damaging them.
17x8.5 25mm offset(front, still need to order another one)
17x9.5 25mm offset(rear) 5x114 bolt pattern.

I also found a decent deal on 2 Enkei RPF1s(17x9.5, 18mm offset) local to me so I grabbed them to throw a set of race tires on.

That should be it for now. No more progress on the F40 swap(kinda on the back burner unit I finish the carbon fiber work). I am still waiting on my Stage 2 parts to arrive. Also I was already planning on having a busy summer between the Goblin, car shows with my other cars, housework, and trying to get more hunting/fishing in but my father drafted me into helping build a new 50'x44' shop on the family farm. So yeah...


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Not really. Just gathering a few more parts and still waiting on the fab shot to let me know when I can drop it off.


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I dropped the Goblin off at the fab shop today and have had more odds and ends for it show up. They estimate it'll be done in 3 weeks, but I wont hold my breath. I am just happy that it is finally there. Powder coat will hopefully follow shortly after. I think "Laser Blueberry" from Prismatic is the winner so far.

I also have acquired a 5lb nitrous bottle to try to stuff somewhere. The engine should be able to handle a 100-125 shot easily and the MS3 Pro has built in nitrous control, so why not.

What else.... I think I will be fine running the windshield in the original location I wanted to because I will be running a quick release hub on a dished steering wheel. It should move the steering wheel at least 6" farther away from the "stock" location.

I ordered a set of Quick jacks for the garage. Should make building the Goblin much nicer.

I think an OEM style Evo 8/9 rear wing would work quite nicely for a front wing after some slight modification.

I've been quite quiet, but I haven't been ignoring the Goblin. I am hoping to have the powder coating done before it gets cold up here so I can get started on assembly(I am running out of storage space for parts).
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I am hoping to have the powder coating done before it gets cold up here so I can get started on assembly(I am running out of storage space for parts).
You had to say it huh? I have been running mine quite a bit since the weather has been nice.


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I'm always going back and forth between a set of quick jacks or a mid rise scissor lift., will have to let us know what you think.


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I just met with the guys at the fab shop and saw the progress on the Goblin. There still is a ways to go, but progress is being made. They rebuilt the trans side frame rail to clear the F40, mocked up the side pods and cooler mounts, made new seat brackets to use the kirkey mounting brackets, and we came up with a windshield design. We discussed the electrical and fuel system for it. I might end up running a PDM instead of the OEM fuse/relay box and maybe a 100% aftermarket fuel system(it would solve a few small issues I am having). I gotta get the fuel tank out of the garage and take some measurements to see what my options are exactly.


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Not yet. February maybe? I am not going to working on it until until it warms up in the springs so I am not going to pressure them into finishing it ASAP. I'll try to remember to take pictures next time I stop at the shop, which should hopefully be in a week or so.


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I dropped off some more parts at the fab shop today and grabbed some pictures. I was told that they are building the windshield frame this weekend.

They have it sitting on a 9000lb lift. It takes FOREVER to lower the car down because of how light it is.

If I have everything figured out correctly the side pods should come out to the middle of the rear tire. They will have a Mishimoto Kawaski KFX700 radiator mounted in each one and will be used as heat exchangers for the supercharger. There will also be mounting tabs behind the radiators for a Mishimoto 25 row oil cooler in each pod also. As of now I am not planned on running oil coolers, but I want the mounting points there so I have the option to if I need them in the future.

Here is the work they did to fit the F40. The main bar was cut out and replaced with one with a 6* bent in it. The upright bar was cut and a new bent section was added. It is sleeved and will be plug welded so it should be strong. They also remade both angled bars that connect to the main bar. I am not exactly sure why, but I told them to do whatever they thought was best to fit the F40.

They also completely remade the trans mount.

Everything fits and I am happy with the job they are doing. I had no intentions on added anything else onto the list of work for them, but after mocking up the pedal box we decided on rebuilding the "dash bar" and building a custom steering shaft. At this point it is just easier to do.

I also know that this is MY Goblin and I am free to build it as I want to, but seeing as I keep on having things changed on it I kinda feel like I owe Adam and Lonny an apology. There is nothing wrong with the kit at all, its me, I am an idiot and cannot leave well enough alone. It is even worse when you know people who encourage every idea you have.

I was originally quoted ~$1800 for the work, but since then I have added items to the list so it is gonna be a bit more. Hopefully the total isn't over $3k because that'll leave enough for me to take it straight to be powder coated. After that I will be able to finally start assembling it. But I'll probably get it 70% assembled and run out of parts. It would be nice to get it done this year, but I have my doubts.

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Kyle, the mods are looking good and they are very similar to the changes DF did for the 'factory' F40 changes. The side pods will give your car a very different look and should be very effective for keeping your IATs low with the KZ radiator heat exchangers - nothing but cool airflow. And don't feel bad about the changes you are making, we want to do the same thing, it just depends upon our skill level and/or budget whether they get included or not. I am just starting my build (finally) and have so many changes initiated already, with more to come. Your Goblin will not be the only one with sidepods for heat exchangers. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see how your mods turn out. :D