Wheel bearing hub part number?


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Im going to get 4 new hubs for my kit, because my donors hubs were absolutely terrible, but I cannot find the exact part numbers I need.

My donor was a 2006 cobalt ss/sc 5 speed.

I found a pair of front hubs on marketplace locally for super cheap part number fw299, how do I know if they are correct? Is there a way to know for sure short of actually taking an axle with me to look at them?

And the rear bearing hubs I didn't even remove from my donor they were so shot I didn't waste my time. On the bright side there doesn't seem to be nearly as many rear hub choices are there are front lol


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I have an 06 sc and switched to non abs 4 lug hubs for a 4x100 pattern

rear cobalt bearing # for the goblin fronts
MOOG 512248

front cobalt bearing number for the goblin rears
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